Brazil Cemorrado Honey 200g ground

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Coffee is a combination of features of many varieties of Brazilian Arabica, the dominant feature of which is a honey bouquet with an admixture of nutty and chocolate notes. Its flavor profile also includes flavors such as caramel, fried almonds and milk chocolate. This is a composition with a full body and expressive taste. The essence of Brazilian sweetness.

Composition: 100% Arabica

Tastes: honey, caramel, chocolate, walnuts, almonds

Intensity 2
Acidity 1
Manufactured in Europe
Convenient payment
Consultation when choosing
Growing altitude
900-1200 м над ур. м.
Method of processing
Degree of roasting
Recommended method of preparation
Espresso machine
Geyser coffee maker


Brazil Cemorrado Honey


Cemorrado is a composition of selected beans from the regions of Mogiana and Serrado, forming a single bouquet of aromas. As a result of the work and ingenuity of Brazilian coffee experts, mixtures were created that are the essence of individual taste. One of them is Brazil Cemorrado Brazil honey - a combination of features of many coffee varieties, the dominant feature of which is an intense honey bouquet. The composition is characterized by a full body, distinct taste, in which honey, chocolate and nutty notes predominate. It is synonymous with natural Brazilian sweets that will appeal to all coffee lovers from this region.






The name Cemorrado was created from a combination of the names of two Brazilian coffee regions - Serrado and Mogiana - from which the best arabica originates. A common feature of these regions is the temperate climate, which helps maintain regular temperatures throughout the year - ideal for growing coffee beans. Cerrado is also a unique natural region on a global scale, characterized by extraordinary natural wealth.

It was from the varieties grown in such unique fields and diverse soils that the experts created unique blends that are the essence of Brazil's most characteristic flavors. Cemorrado is a dream that will come true for all those who always wanted to feel the “honey” or “vigor” of different types of coffee in one mix, to check what the essence of Brazilian sweetness or fruit elegance in the Brazilian edition is.



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