Brazil Mogiana 1 kg whole beans

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A classic, Brazilian coffee that offers an enchanting balanced taste, delicacy and sweetness. These beans, from the growing area of Mogiana, are known for their lack of bitterness, low acidity and exceptional chocolate-nut aroma.

100% Arabica

Taste: nut, caramel, honey, milk chocolate

Intensity 2
Acidity 1
Manufactured in Europe
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Growing altitude
800-1200 м над ур. моря
Method of processing
Degree of roasting
Recommended method of preparation
Espresso machine
Geyser coffee maker

Brazil Mogiana

is a coffee that offers an enchanting balanced taste and delicacy. Baristas call it a “classic coffee” that can be consumed at any time of day. Its name is connected with the Mogiana coffee growing area located along the border between the state of São Paulo and the southernmost state of Minas Gerais.

Thanks to the climate conditions that dominate in the Mogiana coffee growing area, we obtain a mild coffee with low acidity, with almost no bitterness, sweet in taste with distinctive notes of nut, chocolate and honey.

Brazilian coffee

Brazil is home to three main coffee-growing regions: Mogiana, Sul Minas and Cerrado. What these growing areas have in common is a mild climate that is characterised by constant temperatures year round – ideal for growing Arabica as well as Robusta.

The local Arabicas are mild in taste and lightly sweet, which is primarily the result of the natural method used to obtain the beans from the coffee cherries – the so-called dry method that involves drying the whole cherries in the open air over a period of around 4 weeks.

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Brazil – coffee giant

Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world and is responsible for approx. 30 % of harvests worldwide. Interestingly, the coffee tree is not native to this country. The history of its cultivation began in the second half of the 18th century when Officer Francisco de Pahletta smuggled in coffee tree seedlings from French Guiana and founded the first plantations in the south of Brazil.

A century later, Brazil became a coffee giant, and coffee became an integral part of its traditions and daily life.

 For Brazilians, coffee is not only a beverage, it represents an entire culture surrounding coffee tree cultivation, coffee harvesting and drying as well as brewing and consumption.

The drink is a part of their lifestyle, exuberance and ability to find joy in the moment. They most often drink a coffee that is similar to espresso, very strong and sweet. Coffee is also connected to Brazil’s economic development and infrastructure. The first railways created communication with and service for certain plantations.

Interestingly, the name of the coffee growing area – Mogiana – comes from the name of the company that constructed the railways that run through this area.

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