Indonesia Mandheling 200 g ground

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High-quality Arabica grains from Indonesia receive the unique method of Giling Basah, this is a special method of drying the grain, in which coffee cherries acquire a characteristic blue-green color, and thanks to it, it is possible to reduce the acidity and increase the body of the beverage. A rich bouquet of coffee aromas of Indonesia Mandeling, which stands out with notes of chocolate, cedar, spices, and even wine, comes from the volcanic soil and the very humid climate of Sumatra.

100% Arabica

Taste: chocolate, spices, cedar, wine, cocoa

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Intensity 4
Acidity 1
Manufactured in Europe
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Grade 1, Triple Picked
Growing altitude
800-1500 м над ур. моря
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Espresso machine
Geyser coffee maker

Coffee from Sumatra

Coffee Indonesia Mandheling is grown on the high volcanic slopes of Mount Löser in the Balak region of central western Sumatra. What is interesting is that this name does not belong to the region of growth, but determine the ethnic group - "Mandheling" occupying these areas. Formed on the remains of the Malay archipelago of volcanic islands: Sumatra, Sulawesi and Java, this place is ideal for growing coffee beans. This is determined by two factors - a mineral rich soil and a damp, equatorial climate.

The potential of these islands was seen by the Dutch at the turn of the XVII and XVIII centuries, they brought the first sprouts of coffee to Sumatra and laid the first plantations. Their legacy is also a unique way of getting coffee - Giling Basah - designed to obtain financial benefits and maintain high quality coffee. The first thing that farmers found was that coffee without layers of parchment required much less time to dry, which makes it possible to speed up the processing of the beans of the coffee tree. The side effect was the exceptional taste and aromatic Arabica beans, thanks to which this coffee get loyal fans all over the world.

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GILING Basah - grains that loves moisture

The unique process of processing coffee beans, known to local people - Giling Basah - is one of the factors that distinguish Indonesia, especially coffee from the island of Sumatra, from all regions. This term means "wet coffee exfoliation process", but in fact moisture in the process of processing coffee & cherries & raquo; plays an important role. In the case of this traditional process in Sumatra, the harvested coffee cherries are first soaked in a water tank, and then the parchment skin that covers the coffee bean after covering the residual pulp is dried.

However, unlike the wet process, in which the fragile parchment layers remove only a relatively low 11% moisture level, in the Giling Basah the grains are extracted only from the semi-dry layer of parchment - up to 24% of the water! Such "bean" with a bluish tint, after frying, gives an exceptionally strong, like syrup, coffee, as a result of which Arabica from Sumatra has an intense, concentrated taste and almost completely absent acidity.

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