Hario Coffee Set V60

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Set Hario aimed at a quick and easy start in brewing coffee at home, in the office and while traveling. An excellent set of accessories for making tasty coffee by an alternative method. So easy to start to discover new tastes Specialty Coffee with this set. It has a teapot Hario with a proprietary design (wave). Glass transparent pullover, 40 paper filters and measuring spoon. You only need to buy a coffee grinder, grind the coffee and start brewing. Let it brew for 30 seconds, then pour the coffee spirally with the rest of the water. The time of brewing coffee is about 3 minutes. A decanter from the kit allows you to brew coffee for 1-2 persons. Also, in the set have a great guide on how to brew. We can always help you start brewing coffee as it is done all over the world.

Color: Violet

Volume: 360 ml

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