Panama Boquete 200 g whole beans/ground

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Panama Boquete
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Panama Boquete coffee combines refreshing exotic fruit and wine aromas with classic walnut notes. They come from a region known for growing top-quality coffee, including the world-famous geisha. The noble and rich taste is determined by the ideal conditions in which they are grown - high volcanic slopes, rich soil, temperate climate and humid air from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Composition: 100% Arabica

Tastes: floral notes, nuts, almonds, wine, orange

Acidity 2.5
Intensity 3
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Growing altitude
1100-1400 м над ур. моря
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Espresso machine
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Panamanian coffee grown on small plantations has all the advantages to compete with the best Arabs of the world. All because of the place where they come from. Only the highest quality coffee - for example, the famous geisha - is produced in a small area of the Boquet region. It is difficult to imagine a better combination of natural conditions than great heights at the foot of the volcano, rich volcanic soil, a temperate climate with predictable dry and wet seasons, and a mass of moist air flowing from two oceans - the Pacific and the Atlantic. In such conditions, coffee is created that impresses with its perfect balance, exotic wine, floral or orange notes and the taste of nuts and almonds. The key point, however, is the highest quality SHB beans (strictly hard beans), which makes.


Boquete is the most famous coffee region of Panama, located in the east of the country, on the border with Costa Rica. This beautiful valley is located at the foot of the volcano Baru with a height of 3477 m. The land is intersected by numerous streams flowing from the surrounding mountains. These are ideal conditions for growing high-quality arabica. This is due to the rich volcanic soil, temperate climate and regular dry and rainy season. The key, however, is the proximity of two oceans - on one side of the Atlantic, on the other side of the Pacific Ocean - from which masses of moist air flow. Thanks to this, the coffee matures slowly and is saturated with unique aromas that give it an original character and nobleness..


The coffee offered by Ambassador Fresh comes from the Casa Ruiz plantation, which has been run by one family since the 18th century - now the third generation. During this time, one plantation has become a large family-owned company specializing in the production of high-quality coffee. About 300 local small-scale farmers producing top-quality arabica are currently collaborating with the Ruiz family-owned company. In Panama, the quality of coffee is extremely important. This is one of the few countries in which there is an organization uniting coffee producers from a special segment (Specialty Coffee Association from Panama). Beans are sold at special auctions, and prices depend on their quality, making Panamanian coffee, as a brand, constantly conquering the international market and becoming more and more popular and appreciated by coffee lovers in the world.

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