South Asian Premium 1 kg whole beans

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The rich flavoring bouquet of this coffee is clearly distinguished by its refined and Asian shades of spices. Light sourness and tender mustard opens an exotic combination of peppers and papaya scents.

100% Arabica

Taste: papaya, pepper and spices

Intensity 4
Acidity 1
Manufactured in Europe
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Growing altitude
1200 м над ур. моря
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Degree of roasting
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Espresso machine
Geyser coffee maker

Coffee from south

According to statistics of the World Trade Organization, India hold only 4% of the total coffee production. Mostly this country is associated with another, no less popular tonic drink - tea. Nevertheless, the presence of more than 100 thousand coffee plantations throughout the country and almost complete exporting of the coffee beans do not leave anybody indifferent.


In India, as in other countries, the coffee came from the Arabian Peninsula, somewhere in the XVII century. As the legend says, one pilgrim, while returning to the holy land had stolen a handful of raw coffee beans and planted them on his land.

The most varieties , which took root in the land, were mainly related to arabica. But over the time, there was an obvious shift to the robusta, liberika and their hybrids. This was due to the fact that Arabica on the lowlands became too vulnerable to the disease, which experts call "rust".

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The cultivation of coffee trees in the Indian subcontinent is open territorial. Most often there are small areas of coffee plantations, which are engaged in processing of residents surrounding villages.

Since India's share in the global production of coffee blends is negligible, to Indian coffees paid little attention. It is believed that such grains can not provide a sufficiently high quality beverage, but it should not be forgotten that most of the coffee blends are hybrids that are not only resistant to weather conditions but also have a rich flavor bouquet.

Taste and aroma

Another interesting fact is that similar experiments in breeding are typical for almost every region. The grains even in neighboring regions can radically differ in flavor and aromatic properties. Moreover, in each province, farmers are committed to improve the varieties cultivated here, bringing them to perfection.

As for the technology of growing and processing coffee beans, there is no place for artificial materials. Everything is done exclusively by hand, according to the technologies tested over the centuries: soil cultivation, fertilization, organization of a shadow for trees, which requires a sufficiently high qualification of farmers. Accordingly, such technologies could not remain only in one region for a long time and spread all over the world.

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