Subtle Harmony 200 g whole beans

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A coffee with a delicate taste and detectable notes of honey and nuts, characterised by surprising balance and harmony. Thanks to a well-selected composition of beans, the coffee is so mild you can drink it every day to unwind.

Subtle Harmony is the perfect pretext for relaxing.

Taste: Nut, Chocolate, Peach

BLEND COMPOSITION: 70% Brazil Mogiana/ 20% Costa Rica SHB/ 10% Colombia Supremo

Acidity 2
Intensity 2
Manufactured in Europe
Convenient payment
Consultation when choosing
Коста Рика
Degree of roasting
70% Brazil Mogiana
20% Costa Rica SHB
10% Colombia Supremo
Recommended method of preparation
Espresso machine
Geyser coffee maker

Subtle Harmony

Balance, mildness and harmony are the key words in describing this coffee. It’s like an afternoon with a good book. A daily pleasure that brings joy and relaxation. This blend is a well-balanced composition of beans characterised by delicate acidity, a sweet aroma and a rounded, smooth body. It has a pleasant honey taste without bitterness or dryness. Subtle Harmony is the perfect pretext for taking a moment for yourself.


This blend owes its unique combination of highly desirable coffee traits such as delicate acidity, pleasant sweetness, “softness” and smooth consistency to skilfully selected ingredients and effective roasting. The taste profile of this coffee is mild, balanced, harmonious and lightly sweet. It has a honey-nut taste which corresponds to the subtle aroma of wine. The finish is not too long, but pleasant and does not leave you a feeling of fullness. This coffee for daily consumption, without bright flavors, strong flavors and extravagance.

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