Tanzania 200 g grains

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Tanzania AB is a coffee with an amazing citrus-berry flavor profile and a pleasant light body, which it owes to its light roast and washed processing method. Its taste is special, with hints of grapefruit and green apple, and the aroma is sensual and expressive. Tanzania AB is a real treasure with which you will experience the richness of the taste of African Arabica.

100% Arabica

Taste: green apple, gooseberry, kiwi fruit, grapefruit, dark chocolate

Intensity 2.5
Acidity 4
Manufactured in Europe
Convenient payment
Consultation when choosing
Mbeya & Mbinga Region
Growing altitude
1400-1800 м над ур. моря
Method of processing
Degree of roasting
Recommended method of preparation
Espresso machine
Geyser coffee maker


Congo Kivu 200g

Arabica beans from the beautiful tectonic Lake Kivu, one of the treasures of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a country extremely rich in natural resources. Rugged lake shores, scenic terraces and high hills, including the smoking summit of the Nyiragongo Volcano to the north, create the ideal conditions for high-quality coffee growing.

Due to the special microclimate of this region, the Arabica grown here is distinguished by a high intensity of chocolate notes and refreshing fruity aromas of gooseberry, apricot or red grapefruit. As befits coffee from the heart of the African continent, Congo Kivu beans are original fruit.

Rich volcanic soils, high plantations at 1400-1800 m above sea level and traditional cultivation create an exotic African bouquet that should be an interesting contrast to the well-known fragrances.


The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a country with very rich and diverse natural resources. Their cost is estimated at nearly $ 24 trillion. The volcanic soil hides many treasures, rare raw materials and minerals, making it ideal for growing coffee trees. The vast majority of the country is made up of jungles, rolling hills, high mountains, and unexpired volcanoes. All coffee production is centered around tectonic Lake Kivu, one of the African Great Lakes, dotted with delightful small islets.

Its sharp, high edges are ideal conditions for growing coffee trees. They grow on small plantations, often based on traditional methods. The taste of coffee is one of a kind here, as befits such unusual circumstances. Arabica grown in the Lake Kivu region is undoubtedly one of the treasures of this fertile land.



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