What is the Ambassador Fresh Manufactory??

Especially for our Clients we have created a small modern coffee roastery from scratch where professionalism and the producer’s expert knowledge meet an individual approach to each batch of roasted coffee.

We roast coffee to order in a special roaster by well-respected brand Probat for our Clients.

Quality is monitored by experienced baristas and master roasters ensure that every coffee ordered by our Clients is composed of the highest quality beans and roasted in small batches according to well-defined, reproducible procedures.

уникальное производство  Где производится кофе Ambassador Fresh?

How does our Manufactory operate and what is the coffee roasting process?

At the Ambassador Fresh Manufactory, we don’t store coffee in large quantities and roasting begins when we receive your order, according to which we prepare just the right amount of beans from a selected region, and if it is a blend, the right proportions of single origin coffees. The selected beans are then placed in the roaster. Each type of coffee is roasted separately – both single origins and blends.

Our experts have formulated the optimal roasting techniques for each coffee, making it possible to boost their unique tastes and aromas. Coffee roasting lasts from 12 to 22 minutes. The entire process for each step – from the evaporation of water from the green beans to roasting itself – is supervised by our professionals, who monitor the roasting process of every bean and reproducibility of its parameters with the use of a computer.

Каков процесс обжарки кофе?

  обжарка кофе Ambassador Fresh

Computer programming is handled by our roasting expert, who defines the proper intensity and distribution of hot air and ensures that the coffee achieves – as a barista would say – its true “taste profile”.

In this way we combine modern technology with the experience and artistry of our employees. Immediately after roasting and cooling, the beans – depending on the order, either whole or ground – must be packed.

The packaging process itself takes place in a special environment with multi-layered airtight bags. Oxygen has a negative influence on taste and aroma; this process provides an additional guarantee of the freshness of our coffees.

Proper coffee roasting brings out its most interesting and noblest characteristics.

обжарка и охлаждение кофейных зерен  Процесс упаковки свежеобжаренного кофе

When does Ambassador Fresh coffee mature to perfection?

The ultimate coffee quality is achieved around the day 14. Thanks to a special packing process in protective atmosphere as well as the use of bags blocking oxygen access, we can offer the additional freshness guarantee for another 3 months.

During the first days after roasting coffee resting & degassing take place. This means that slightly sharp taste and aroma notes are mellowing as the coffee’s true character develops. Finally the taste of a coffee has “matured to perfection”. That is why we guarantee that we will send your coffee no later than 14 days from the moment it was roasted.

Когда свежеобжаренный кофе достигает совершенства?    Правильная обжарка зерен раскрывает благородные вкусы и ароматы кофе


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